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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Redang Day 2 - fiSh

Title - no sad faces here, Hurray !!

Back to story, Day 2 was packed with activities.. we spent the morning at Marine Park, a MustGo for all kids. Plenty of fishes and sand.

0800 - Breakfast buffet
Mummy improvised life jacket to be Xin's cushion :)
0915- short break at the beach..kids' instint took over!!
1000 - set off from Lobby for Jetty.
The short Boat ride was exhilarating for us !!
Video : motorboat

View from Jetty, Daddy ask us to focus on fishes and not the bikinis :p
Look at the cLear water and SHOAL of fishes :)
Anyway, if we could, we will jump into the water from the jetty !!
Even Mei Mei Ah Xin got water proof diaper..steady.
Suddenly, every kid wants a life-jacket, as nobody wanted to be last to go into the water !
This is Daddy's favourite picture. Everybody looked so cheerful.

Video : Throw in the bait, bread or legs?

Video : Wei squeeze out the bread from bottle

** These fishes are hungry and will even poke your cameras !!

After getting wet, we played with Sand too.

Video : Feeding frenzy, looks like piranha attack !! And a little girl was crying "ma ma" in the background :)

While the kiddos get busy with sand, Daddy and Uncle Johnny sneak back into the water with their Dicapacs.

Video : fishes closeup

Daddy's underwater video is murky as we stayed close to shore. But if you snorkel further out near to the jetty, where you see Live corals and Greens, the view would be perfect :)
Please support this website http://www.redang.org/ for more pictures :)

Video : collecting water..

Video : we adore MarinePark..

Video : more sand..

Video : Kids are mischievous by nature ..

Video: Yi, are you happy or not? "Umh..umh"

Video : Mei Mei is delighted with water play

Time flies, after two hours, it was time to packup.
1215 - We are ready to go back to our hotel. Actually most people had already left, and we had the whole s-t-r-e-t-c-h of white powdery beach to ourselves.

Surrounded by pools and beaches, our clothes and scandals were always wet :p
And we hope the primates (not our kiddos, but those which swing from tree branches :p )
will leave our clothing alone.

After a short nap, we went to the pool. Yi liked this turtle.
Wei liked Nemo bus.
One minute Sunny ..
The next minute gloomy :(
Pool time..Wet wEt weT !!

Video: Everybody targeted and splashed Yi :)

** Daddy awarded water-baby Star award to Ah Yi, he was undaunted in facing the waters, even when he gulped a few mouths of water :)

Video: Downpouring Cats and Dogs

Mummy moisturizing our tanned baby lobsters
and infant crayfish.
Dinner buffet, Kang like Satay(without the gravy), and Yi likes fruits, especially Sour green apples..
Yi playing marbles "gor(3) Li(4)"
Video :childhood memories for the Uncles and Aunties.

Fish spotted..swimming in line formation.

Video : Time to go to Zzz land.. no coaxing needed, all KO.

Daddy : Kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly, another fun filled day.
MarinePark was highlight of our trip.
The weather and beach were fantastic.

Daddy noticed water clarity has deteriorated (compared to 10 years ago), and now visibility is only up to 3 or 4 metres. It used to be 10-15m easily!!

But for the price we are paying, and the tons of hungry fishes, no complains :)
Please be careful of the floorbed, as the dead corals and stones are sharp.

This is the picture which Daddy try to get, maybe next trip :)
More pictures from --> http://picasaweb.google.com/chuenbuan/Redang09#

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