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Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby girl always look for Mummy, true or not?

When little girl is sick, do they cling more to Mummy? Our Wen Xin is no exception. She is now an expert at using telephone thermometer.

Have to warn everybody that Boon Xin was scratching an itch on her foot with the thermometer... yucks.

Video : Mummy playing hide and Seek? Actually Daddy need to Convince her that Mummy is really not at home.

Ironically, Daddy always blog about Wen Xin when she is sick :(



  1. I don't have a son so it may not be a fair comparison. But my daughter does look for me for almost everything, until I start disciplining her then she goes look for her 靠山, Daddy, to save her.

  2. When Mummy is around, I am the spare tyre. So, I actually relish the moments when we are together, alone :)


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