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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Responsible Advertising - Ford's agent does not get it

Recently, this poster in Orchard is making waves online, and parents are worried that the low-rise jeans with revealing brief might be taboo for kids.

Daddy though it is quite harmless, and god knows what kids can download from Internet nowadays !
(porn, violence etc)

On the other hand, Ford's agent Regent motor placed an advert for S-Max on Sat. We know from the specifications that it is a powerful car, but Daddy was disappointed at the language used.

"Ashamed", "Boring", "Proud" are used to describe how kids should perceive other car makes.

Do we really want our kids to feel ashamed, because they might be driving a car more humble than S-Max? What about the bread and butter Hondas and Toyotas?

It would be sad, when our kids grow up with materialistic views.
In schools, we overhear stories of kids who compare their material wealths.
Some parents living in upmarket condos even tell their kids not to visit filthy HDBs !
(I cannot confirm second point)

By all means, if you wish to push your sales, use gimmicks, and even controversial ads,
but leave "parenting" out of the picture.

S-Max, you might be cool with good performance and features,
but your "S-Max takes on Cool Parenting" tag sucks :(

Do let me know whether Daddy is too sensitive, or maybe you have more examples to share?

Credit : Above jeans poster photo is from Straitstimes online.


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