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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sting Ray rice

When the weather is cool, or when you crave for some bbq cuisines. Stingray always works it's magic.

We are very happy about a new hawker stall which sells seafood dishes near our place.
And stingray rice is now our regular order.

Stingray meat is juicy and tender, when you garnish it with egg yolk and onion... ooomph heavenly :)

Just look at the delicious (potent) sambal chili ! This fabulous dish for $4.50 only !

Somehow, kids find it hard to relate their stingray rice to this graceful sea-creature :)

Fix your craving here --> Block 303 Coffeeshop Anchorvale Drive

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  1. hi hi Magdalene, those who like spicy food should love bbq stingray..slurp :)

  2. Wow, this looks yummy! Haven't had stingray in like ages...slurrrp! Where is this place?

  3. hi hi June, address added, in our hometown Sengkang :)


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