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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Gladys :)

What do you need in a party?
Food, and Friends, the more the merrier !!

Our princess for today, Gladys. Happy 5th Birthday :)

Heng family invited us to their chalet at Downtown East.
So much food, our host even prepare Tahu Goreng with diy prawn-paste ! (did you spot some crabs ? )

Good company..

.. and old buddies :)

Angry Bird Pinata ! This must be the kids' highlight of the day :p
Mummy Phoebe even blog about her Diy Pinata (good job !)

Needless to say, the kids whack Red and Black Bird mercilessly ! Poor bird :(
Goodies and Candies are hidden in the Pinata, and kids grab their spoils.

Who is ready for Birthday cake? Send in the Care Bears :)

Cake was gone in minutes, everyone must be hungry.

Adults got so many cameras until kids do not know where to look keke. Their expressions are priceless.

Thanks Heng Family for inviting to share in your joy.
We really enjoy ourselves :)



  1. Wow! Nice post! Thanks again for attending and also sharing your photos. ^_^

  2. you are most welcome Phoebe :)


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