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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golden Village's Mums and Babies

We blogged about Golden Village (GV)'s pro-family initiative last month. Together with SPRG, "Mums and Babies" wants to encourage more young Families to go for movies, with their babies and toddlers!

Besides Gulliver's Traveller, we noticed a few interesting fringe activities :
- some babies really sleep through two hours
(dim light, lowered volume, and lesser DTS surround sound helps haha)

- parent follow their toddlers around the theatre
(this is ok, kids are expected to be restless )

- when kids fail to settle down, their Mummy or Daddy will be considerate enough to bring the kids out of the theatre

- this is the mini-pantry for your babies :)

Kang enjoys the show, and he is asking when he can skip school again !

We pose with Rango and friends, but we forgot to take pictures with Adlene and organizers :p

How come there are so many rides in Plaza Singapura?

If our review sounds interesting, there are a few more screenings till May.
Proceed to GV Mums and Babies website to book your ticket today.

** screenings only at GV Plaza and Grand, 11am
** each ticket cost $6

~~~ ~~~
15 Mar - Sammy's adventure
29 Mar - Letters to Juliet
12 April – How to train a dragon
26 April – Did you hear about the Morgans?
10 May – Toy story 3
24 May – Dear John
~~~ ~~~

Thank you GV, for allowing us to enjoy one fun morning together :)
It was nice to see other parents took time off just to accompany their darlings. If time permits, Daddy would like to bring Wen Wei (who was jealous) to the show.

Although programme is "Mums and Babies", Daddies are most welcome !

Our little girl did not attend the movie, but she happily volunteers to carry our goodie bags. How come she is exhibiting shopaholic symptoms at such a tender young age?

#updated 27Mar2011- Our GV experience is featured on TheNewPaper !

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