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Friday, March 4, 2011

I feel most Singaporean when...

.. our kids are around Daddy and Mummy. Read on to find out why :)

When Daddy was still a teenager, he used to think that Singapore is so boring.
Tiny island with no natural reserves, we do not have Maldives'crystal clear water, nor Malaysia's rich flora and fauna. What else can we do beside shopping, eating and movies?

The coolest thing (literally) seems to be visiting the latest shopping mall and some say aircon bus-interchanges ooops ! Teenagers define "cool and happening" differently, so Zoo and Birdpark might not appeal to the youngsters.

Situation is reversed, when our babies pop out one by one. We are now proud parents! and we realise happiness come in small packages (pun intended).

When our kids tagged along, we become Tourists in our own country.
Every trip to the parks, beaches, Zoos, and Birdpark is a new adventure!

Everything is interesting to our kids, the blue skies, the green gardens, the ants and the butterflies. Even a simple double-decker bus ride is so much more interesting. Kids exclaimed "the cars below are so small" !

Kids are always imaginative and their creativity never fail to amaze us.
Above all, Kids make us see things from their innocent perspective .
(make it simple ok)

Sometimes we wonder, why is it so hard for adults to appreciate everything in simpler ways? Instead, we will be busy calculating the "sacrifices, efforts and justification bla bla". Some will even label kids as "liability or asset", before they enjoy baby-making!

A child does not use our yardstick to gauge happiness, satisfaction or even value-for-money! Daddy would not want our kids to remember a childhood which is only "homework and tuition", that would be so sad.

To the kids, Happiness is being outdoor, enjoying our little playgrounds, sweating it out with siblings and friends. Kids do not need F1 or Universal Studios, they just want parent's company.

No Buts and What-ifs, just Do it, and enjoy the Moment. It is moments like these, when our kids are happy and contented, that we are grateful for our family, and Singapore.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Do we still feel Singapore is boring, or do you need more reasons to feel happy ? Our food, our religions, our languages are so colourful!
(yup, shopping malls are still there for the shopaholics )

Do we need Tourists and oversea colleagues to let Singaporeans know :
- how "cheap and good" is our hawker food fare? (not those at Newton please!)
- how safe Singapore is, we can walk alone at night without fear of getting mugged
- that our diversity and cultural melting pot is one of a kind !
- some say Singlish is cool leh

When my kids pull me off my bed during the weekend to bring them to their playgrounds, that is when Daddy realised family is everything !
Every smile every cheer, that is the only ingredient we need for one more happy day :)

Now that you know why our kids make us feel more Singaporean, we are waiting for the next fun-fill weekend!

disclaimer : Daddy is not blogging for MCYS and encouraging more people to have babies. But we sure hope Sengkangbabies will encourage more parents to bring their kids out for outdoor fun!

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