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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Singapore Food Trail - food from the 60s !

We went to Singapore Flyer, and we saw some interesting hawker setup.
Singapore Food Trail aims to bring back our food history from the 1960s.

There are a lot of old posters and artefacts.

Kang trying to write a Love letter with the typewriter.

Old time sewing machine ! Brand "Singer" has been around for generations

Look ! Wen Yi found "Her World" ladies magazine.

Even the table and chairs looks old fashion. Who wants to eat bao (bun) and drink a cup of tea?

Daddy was trying to find Sinaco and Kic-ka-poo drink !

Food prices are reasonable, but can anyone tell us whether quality is good?

We saw an old fridge haha, and even telephone.

But this jukebox is a gem, and it is still working. (only oldies songs)

Nice vibrant posters!

Daddy's favourite poster. Bruce I-Kick-You Lee. (in the Big Boss)

Now, we can all eat comfortably in air conditioned foodcourts, in the 60s people might just squat down at road side for their meals (still happening in Vietnam and Thailand).

Video : Foodcourt in the 1960s

Daddy is not sure whether the food is appetizing, but we might be coming back for supper, just for novelty sake.

## Food Trail is opened from 1030 onwards, but we suspect not all stalls will be opened so early. Go early for dinner, as seating space is limited.

Updated 21Mar2011 - we savour Singapore's favourite dishes! Yeah.
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  1. Nice share!
    This is interesting! I shall pay a visit, soon. =)

  2. love to see the antique stuffs there :P

  3. @HongWei - look for the $3 ice ball. Authentic !
    @PaPabear - Seriously, I do not know where they dig up the antiques (From which storeroom) haha

  4. Some shops in Malacca are selling antique stuffs, may be they got some from there :)

  5. @Papa - you never know.
    @Lotsy - you will love the serving mugs !

  6. The Ngoh Hiang stall doesn't give you what you pay for, especially when you
    "Tar Pau" things away. So be careful and check that the pieces you have picked
    are actually given to you. Their food did not taste good either. Very disappointing.
    Will not be going back.
    The "Or Luak" is very good though. Recommended

  7. hi, once bitten twice shy, if stalls do not buck up, it is their loss. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Hi, where do you think I can find pictures of Old Sengkang before what it is today? Need it for project. Thanks and nice blog you have :) reminds of good old days

  9. hi, you can try sengkang.com forum, or NHB website. There is a ongoing Heritage exhibition roaming around Singapore. Good luck.


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