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Monday, March 21, 2011

Singapore Food Trail, Ice Ball, Rojak, Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Oyster Omelette, Yummy !

We visited Singapore Food Trail (foot of Singapore Flyer) a few weeks back. It was a dry run, and Daddy had promised to bring everybody back for dinner. Food, glorious food, and the oldies ambience are the main attractions.

Although the food might not be the best-in-class, we can savour Singapore's most popular dishes under one roof. Our parents would feel nostalgia about the 60s and 70s setup.

We believe there are only 4 high-chairs (for toddlers) in the premise! Too little.

Most of the dishes need no introduction :)

Chili Padi to dip with your pork ribs...sedup!

Even Wen Xin can appreciate some herbal tonic soup.

Prawn crackers anyone? Warning, price is on the high side keke, and buy only if are hungry for more.

Oyster omelette, above average, but Oyster a little small. Potent chili :)

Rojak is good, and we love the pungent prawn paste (hae kor) !
Can the fried fritters be more cRunchy?

Tuck in

How much is this funky old-fashion lamp?

More chili ..Hot !

Go easy on Ngor Hiang, as Daddy feels it is overpriced.

Satay, grilled until crisp and juicy. The peanut gravy can be thicker.

Everybody had fun with the Ice BALL!

We finish everything on our table. Kids gobble down their chicken rice.

Bird Nest drink anyone? We love the mugs :)

We recommend that your family try out Singapore Food Trail, for novelty's sake :)
Food is above average, and most food are priced from $4 to $8.
Do go early to avoid the crowd.

Video : We enjoyed ourselves !

In case you are still hungry for Round 2.

Click to read how our boys enjoy playing with the old PCs and Fans.
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  1. i like the little girl photo. nice

  2. Yo yo!!
    Is this Singapore Food Trail a permanent thing or only temporary? Me suaku one... paiseh ah.. hahahaha....

  3. @ST : my girl cute right :p
    @XiaoXin : will stay for some time to come :)

  4. oh okie!! thanks!
    hope i'll have the chance to pop by there!


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