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Friday, December 25, 2009

Birthdays Wei and Yi, Xmas parties 3-in-1

生曰快乐 文伟(Wen Wei) and 文驿(Wen Yi).
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas !!

奶奶, 舅舅, 舅母 Kara and Joley join us in a homely celebration :)
To summarize :
#Step 1 - Eat
#Step 2 - Sing song cut cake
#Step 3 - open presents
#Step 4 - optional - fight over toys !!

Daddy like this group photo.. everybody look so innocent heehee.

Earlier, while the boys were sleeping, only Wen Xin was crawling around, and investigating the parcels. We know she is little Miss kaypoh.
Video :Daddy checking on kiddos' moods

Party starts now !!

Wei could not wait anymore, and start munching on KaniKama crabroll.
Wen Xin refuse to let Ah-Ma carry?
The kiddos entertain themselves.

Can you feel the festive atmosphere in our house?
The kids brighten up every minute !!

Video :Boys can be very rough with 舅舅, sometimes even climb overboard. Daddy is more serious, so can never be their best play mate :p

Sing Happy B'day song, Blow candle, Cut cake?
Leave it to the professionals !!
Video : Sing song..hooray

After we have finished dinner,time to open our toys. Showoff to each other (again).
Kara and Jolyn loves our cars and motors !!
Quick, more toys to open...
Video : opening the Christmas socks and boxes..

Kiddos photoshoot, infront of x'mas tree..

Daddy : the cake can be very simple, but as long as the kiddos have good company, that is all that matters. Everybody will be smiling and feel contented !!

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