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Monday, December 21, 2009

Traders Hotel Day 2 - Zoo and Botanic Gardens

It was raining again in the morning...
High frequency of rain threatens to derail our travel plans.
Poor Otter sleeping during broad day light.
It must be too tired after playing part-time Santa at Night Safari?
Follow Trek to view White Tigers ..

Video : polar bear

See how tall an adult Polar bear can stand !!
Fishes bigger than Wen Yi !!
Outback, and our favourite Jeep (again)

short break - take photos
Elephants, doing some unglamourous stunts..
African Wild beasts.. Kang like to disturb them.

All the best friends, come and take photo now.

Video : Highlight of the day - water play
Slight drizzle did not dampen our moods!!
Video : Yi ambushed by Daddy
Video : Wei totally immersed in Fun

We went past Fragile forest on the way back..but still did not find any real Butterflies..

Video : everytime the aparaima surfaces with a loud pop, the kids got a shock !
(this giant is 1.8m length !!)

We spend a record 5 hours at zoo, are you tired?

part 2 . Botanic Gardens with 150 christmas trees
We went to Botanic gardens in the evening.
Botanic Garden is celebrating 150 years, and we should see 150 X'mas trees!!
Video : Pathway - quiet evening

Kang is not feeling well, thus he was in stroller for most part of trip.

Video : beautiful and captivating, kids like to check out the trees

Video : small Waterfall, relaxing and soothing sound of cascading water

We pass by perfomance stage. The lightings make this venue standout. Maybe we should attend some live performance. Imagine, sitting on the lawn, eating our sandwiches !!

Daddy : One enjoyable evening for us..X'mas trees in Botanic are enchanting. It feels magical to be surrounded by the Glowing trees. If you stop at every tree, trip will easily takes 2 hours.
## The entrance carpark is very dark, be careful when driving in!!

Traders activities
Day 1 --> Tanglin snow
Day 2 --> Zoo and Botanic Gardens
Day 3 --> Funvee bus ride



  1. Too see lively animals at the zoo (eg. your otters), must be there around 9am at least. By 10+am, most of the animals start to *zzzzz*. The next good timing is 3.30pm onwards when all start to wake up.

  2. thks, something new for me. Normally we are there early, if not for the recent rainy spells.


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