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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Traders Hotel Day 1 - Tanglin Snow

We check into Traders Hotel for a festive weekend. Traders is having 3rd night free promotion. And Tanglin Mall is just below our hotel :)
Room is quite small, but we still manage to add a cot for Yi.
This pink house belongs to Hansel & Gretel?

Video : Our snow playground- still dry

We had fun hiding or climbing the Xmas display sets.
Posing time, Wei is big brother. We meet Tan family for a weekend getaway !!
Isaac and Chloe are our best friends.
Even though there is no snow yet, we had a lot of Fun and laughter ..
Tanglin Mall uses recycle items to built their Xmas domain. We did noticed some rough or sharp corners, example the steering wheel!
Snow ( or rather Avalanche!) will start at 1930.
But the venue will be packed with kids in swimsuit beforehand !!
No wonder there are a lot of curious Tourists.

Video : Avalanche

The kiddos are initially apprehensive, but soon let down their guard..
Look at their new Boots and hairdo!!
Tanglin Mall is traditional Snow-playground every Xmas.. and it is a big hit with young and old children. Even Adults can enjoy soapy Fun..

Video : Who needs real Snow to feel Xmas?

We dashed into the storm-center twice keke.
When the snow ends, you will only see silly grins on kiddos.
Wei is even asking when he can come for a second round :)

Video : More snow

Only Xin is confused why everybody seems so excited about the fake-snow..haha.

Daddy : as the venue is quite pack, parents should hold on to their toddlers, it is easy to lose them in the crowd, or under the foams!! And not to forget we can be quite near to busy Tanglin Junction (depending where you stand).

Avalanche*: 7.30 - 7.45pm & 8.30 - 8.45pm
Snow*: 7.45 - 8.00pm & 8.45 - 9.00pm

Traders activities
Day 1 --> Tanglin snow
Day 2 --> Zoo and Botanic Gardens
Day 3 --> Funvee bus ride

*updated 2012Dec - our 2012 Snow experience


  1. Hah - and it's not even anything like the real snow, right? ;-)

  2. kekkee....cos they had never seen real snow coming down from the sky before...and me too :(

  3. hi Cheng, foam is soapy haha. But kiddos do not mind, they had Fun :)

  4. hi mnemonic (johnny?), i also never see real snow before. Sad right :(

  5. Yeah...maybe we can plan for korea trip next time for the kids and also old pple like us to see real snow..kekke..but must save enough bullet first :P


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