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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kang is never bored, when..

he draws or swims. He will not find excuses (example stomach-ache) to skip both arts and Swim classes.

Indulging in drawing

In drawing, Kang is able to channel his imagination, and excess-energy into art pieces.
We see him do tracing, then incrementing the colour tones, and Daddy is impressed at Kang's little projects.

Swimming fun

Looking at our swim pictures, Kang always exhibit a silly grin. He is very happy to swim.
And our Teacher is doing a good job to get Kang to dispel any water phobia, and pick up a few swim techniques.

We know Kang got a foul temper (sometimes), and when he explodes, very few teachers in school can handle him. We can only let him calm down, then rationale (讲道理) with him.

Hopefully these extra activities will help Kang to better control his emotions :p

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