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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NuffNang's "The Princess and the Frog" Movie Tickets Giveaway

... we need to blog about our first Kiss.

Video : Daddy will kiss-and-tell about Wen Xin's first Kiss :o

She is only six months old, but our bundle of joy never cease to tickle us.
WenXin is smiley and enjoys all the attention lavished on her.

In video above, Daddy wants to make Mummy jealous, by secretly planting A kiss on our little darling. Xin adores Daddy, and could not stop giggling and crooning thereafter.
.. Muack ..

Movie trailer

Referenced from YouTube.
Official website --> http://home.disney.com.sg/movies/princessandthefrog

Daddy: if you enjoy fairy tales, bring your kiddos to catch "The Princess and the Frog" in cinemas from 10th December 2009.


  1. Your baby xin is indeed VERY VERY cute! Can't help to smile while watching this clips... :)



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