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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Wen Yi

Mummy bought Wen Yi a small cake to celebrate his b'day at 奶奶's house.
More symbolic for us, but Yi does not care, as long as he blows the candle, and eat his cake :p

Wen Yi is 2 years old already..and entering Terror two stage now !!
He increasingly wants Daddy/Mummy's attention, and will not share anything with siblings, especially Mei Mei Wen Xin.

But he also adores Wen Xin.
One bus each, so will not fight !!

Video : Bus moment

Wen Xin has a lot of toys, the only issue is these toys are not feminine enough keke.
Kang was a bit moody, as he did not get to blow the candle :(

Blow candle..are you ready?

Multiple shots, capturing so many expressions. Daddy got headache choosing the photos..

Kiddos are full of gestures, mostly spontaneous!!

Boys and Bikes again.

Daddy/Mummy : For the next few months, we are already mentally prepared to handle his tantrums, until his Terror Two period tides over !!

Yi is still mumbling, and at 24 months old, he still refuses to speak a proper sentence.
But we are not worried, as Wen Wei also spoke up only at 26 months..

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