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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

x'mas Elves busy shopping, big Thank You

Nope, kiddos are not the elves, more likely Daddy and Mummy :p
We have been checking out the papers and brochures, where are all the toys? coupons, promotions.

Interviewing the kiddos and asking them what are the "hottest" toys...
Kiddos nowaday have expensive taste, Legos, Transformer..
Wow.. these will easily blow Daddy's budget heehee.

Everybody know we have gift-wrapping services at every mall.
Daddy was shopping at Toys'r us Vivo this afternoon.

As Daddy was queuing up the the gift-wrapping service, I cannot help but notice that all helpers got their fingers cut, and multiple scotch-tapes.

But, they were still very cheerful, and really make an effort to wrap up our gifts, and make our kiddos Happy. Daddy is touched.

Thank you Nicole and team.
Dear parents, remember to say ThankYou to our little elves at the gift wrapping counters :)

Above animations are from -- > http://www.christmas-graphics-plus.com/#animated

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