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Sunday, December 27, 2009

New phone for Daddy - Android HTC Hero

Android - new toy for Daddy.

Everyone is carrying an iPhone this season, and that is enough reason for Daddy not to choose iPhone :p
Daddy is traditionally a WindowsMobile user, so Android is totally foreign.
But reviews and HTC's OS HtcSense is intriguing.

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HTC customised Google Andriod OS (HtcSense) to suit Htc Hero, and it seems to be getting rave reviews. HtcSense has an interesting tag :
- make it mine
- stay close
- discover the unexpected

More --> HtcHero homepage

Actually, Daddy only need a phone for basic connectivity like phone and sms, and calendering. The other goodies are nice to have.
But since we pick up blogging, some nice-to-have become need-to-have :)
Examples :
- camera with auto-focus
- wifi
- widgets (yet to explore Android and Htc markets)

Nicer pictures, anytime, anywhere (old phone was always blur :p )

What can Daddy do while waiting, idling
- surf
- blog on the move
- maybe facebook and twitter :p

Mummy's Diamond and Daddy's Hero

Daddy is still tweaking with his phone features.
Once mastered, he can be an Android Hero :p


  1. Is the HTC really very good?

    I am currently using Blackberry and I was thinking that the Iphone was the only viable alternative.

  2. hi Ed, in terms of apps availability, Apple is top dog. But Android will be Big in 2010.(search google-nexus, motorola-droid, htc-hero).

    Would suggest u hold for 2 or 3 months, more PDA will surface, and Comex is here in Mar2010?
    Pda/branding is Very subjective :p


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