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Friday, December 18, 2009

Red Star 红星 Tim Sum

We were supposed to go to Fort Canning park, before heading for our breakfast today. However, it was raining early morning.

So , we went to 红星for breakfast.
This restaurant is old-fashion, and 点心(Tim sum) are still served from trolleys.
You just tell our friendly uncle/auntie what you want, and food is served piping hot.

Most waiters/waitress are not young anymore :)
But their service is Good, and they really take care of our kiddos hee.

keeping herself busy, while we gobble.
Since Xin is too young, she can swallow saliva :(

Video : When hand or mouth not moving, Xin cries !!

Wei and Kang will, and can eat everything Char Siew (especially rice), everyday!!

This group of students were from a neighbouring Tuition centre.
They must have perform well to enjoy a feast at Red star.

Anyway, they found Xin cute, and could not resist teasing her.

The boys ran off to view the live prawns, Crabs and fishes.

1 comment:

  1. I also had dimsum at this resturant with my colleagues. The food there not bad. :)


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