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Friday, December 4, 2009

Project Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner, and Daddy wants us to help him set up a X'mas tree today. We are not sure whether tree will UP the festive atmosphere, but we sure had fun constructing :p

Stage 1 - Unpacking
We took out the Christmas tree and the gift-boxes.

Video : round and round the tree

We saw Mickey and McQueen toys, but Daddy insist these are display-sets for the Tree :(
Can see but cannot Play.

Stage 2 - Decoration
Tall boy Wei go for higher branch, medium Kang go for lower rungs, smallest Yi had fun unplucking our decorations !!

Video : Busy hands, some help, some destroy :p

Video : let's boogie

Stage 3 - Carols, nightLife !! Party time.

We off the lights, and dance in the twilight.
The flickering LEDs (with red,blue and green) illuminate our hall.

Video : Silent night, Holy night...

Project Christmas_Tree debrief :

a) Cost - child labour is free
b) Time effort - only 20 min
c) Material - Tree and accessories all recycled from previous years
d) Fun factor : 9/10, laughter, and sense of satisfaction

Kiddos : can we dismantle the tree and restart?
Daddy faint.

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