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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Singapore's first 3G foodcourt @ Clementi Mall

We were invited to a press event for NTUC's new foodcourt in Clementi Mall. Not any normal foodcourt, but a 3G (three generations) foodcourt, which caters to everyone in the family from grandparents to young toddlers!

The Invitation reads :
- Kids' menu
- Playground
- Nursing room

Daddy double confirmed this is NTUC foodfare, and not any Michelin restaurants :p ... (we know some posh restaurants actually discourage kids as Fine dining is supposed to be quiet and exclusive event :p )

Let us take a peep into the new "concept" for foodcourt....

1) We have kids' menu, smaller portions, so no food wastage. The menu design is so cute, both kids and parents should feel hungry hehe .

2) Look at the toddlers friendly furniture. Low table and broad seats, kids can sit easy without slipping. Notice the front row is facing the stage? This stage also house a playground !!! Parents can feed the infant, while the toddlers swing and slide infront. Cool !!

3) Maybe your kids like to read?? Books and games should keep him or her enriched and occupied.

4) A private nursing room for mummies.. how thoughtful !

Wei enjoying his cuppa Milo. He gets to eat, drink, hear stories, take photos, and explore the cute bento boxes.

5) A Fairy Jie Jie waves her wand so sweetly :)
..but our Fairy is only here today for media event, she is not a permanent feature aiyah.. Daddy thought the kids could be mesmerized, with Harry Potter around the corner.

Someone engaged an Elf to tell us a Story...WAIT !.. is that not JackAxx Ooi? (the reporter from Noose? also know as the botak newscaster "BB See" )

Wei is a fan of Noose, and we always have a good laugh Tue evenings at 2030 :)

Next, everybody close their eyes for 30s, lunch is served.... cute animal Bento boxes !! There are four cute designs, and your kids should find the boxes adorable, and food delicious.

If you are a parent, you know how challenging it is, to bring your kids for outdoor dining. Kids refuse to sit down, the baby-seat is missing a strap or buckle, and wobbles (kids will always try to stand up!!) etc etc.

How do you expect parents to eat in peace, much less enjoy their meals? Some fellow diners might even suspect why parents are not keeping their kids quiet!#

09Jul is the official opening of NTUC 3G foodfare, if you would like to taste how our future foodcourt might develops, head down to Clementi Mall's new Foodfare !

Group photo with participants and organizers.

Friendly and humorous chap, Chua En Lai kept everybody laughing throughout the morning.

Click to see more more photos from our SengkangBabies fanpage album.
We would like to thanks Jennifer and Juliana from NTUC for the event.. What a entertaining new food concept !



  1. Wow. This looks super cool! Haha.

  2. @HongWei - thanks man !
    @RuiTing - keep off the playground, exclusive for kids keke :p


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