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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SHiNE Youth Festival at Scape

02Jul2011 mark SHiNE Youth Festival opening. A lot of youths gather at Scape where most of the activities will be hosted. Daddy was also there to play with Panasonic's Lumix GF3 4/3 camera (part of SHiNE event list, in case you suspect Daddy is no longer a youth). There is a CosPlay parade too !!

First time to SCAPE, and we notice there are five levels of Cool stuffs. You see teenagers break-dancing or hip hoping infront of every hugh glass panel !

Mirror Mirrors on the wall :)

We collected our Lumix GF3 and our special pass
(it reads Event Official Photographer wow)
**if you are interested in Lumix GF3, click to read our earlier blog article**

It was very lively around every corner, with flea market, souvenirs, even Cosplay karaok. Love the youthful atmosphere !

Shoppers are out to hunt down Orchard's bargains !

We were supposed to follow the Cosplay parade from Orchard Central back to Scape, but we end up late and could only see the Dragon Dancer's butts :p

Love the Ultraman mascot in Scape poster, wonder why Ultraman did not turn out for the parade?

We saw Bumble Bee costume and IronMan! Daddies out there, if you want to impress your sons, go and rent these Robot outfits now !! Too cool!

A lot of girls become super heroes too

Same father different mother? Spidies..

You got Sword, I got Gun, who win !

..but we know who is the "Star", Mr Yam Ah Mee !

Hello friends, HP (From Hpility) and Valerie :)

Everybody crowding around the stage

Pillow fight, who dares win.

Amidst the buzz of activities, Ah Ma was silently enjoying the party in her own way. Nevermind all the green, gold or orange wigs, this is one cool white-hair Ah Ma!

Our Vip, Mr Teo Ser Luck

MC introducing the first group of performers

Paparazzi, those wearing Lumix Polos are all Daddy's fellow classmates :)

Together, press the bar, and party Confetti rain from the sky ..

Awards for organizers and sponsors..

The dance and jibes continue !

This group JusB can sing in Mandarin, amazing !

Shine Festival opening was very happening, and Daddy was really impressed with the CosPlayers. Imagining the heavy makeup and costume, then you go walk around for 1 hour. This is tough !

Daddy thought he shed 10 years after tonight's event, when he mingle with the "youths" !
And the boys are now interrogating why Daddy never bring them go watch IronMan !!!

**More pictures of event night are available here -->


  1. LOL! the spiderman part very funny! Same father different mother.. hahaha

  2. hi HP, u got a lot of Cosplay parade pics, nice !

  3. would love to try cosplay one day. =]

  4. hi Magdalene, go on, you are only young , once :)


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