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Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Newton, engaging kids through Science

Kids are curious by nature, and Little Newton engages kids through Science, Explorations and hands-on activities. Their interactive learning style will encourage kids to think about "process", and ask more "Why's".

When we talk about Shampoo, what comes to mind? ..brands (D0ve, H&S), fragrance, anti-dandruff whatever.. And, we are going to diy our own Shampoo today keke. Cool !

Daddy was very curious how Shampoo-making can keep kids engaged ??
Our ingredients and process...

With Teacher Hilwa and Jeann's guidance,
we are on our way to explore and research our own shampoo theory !

The experiment is simple, but kids are encouraged to figure out the process, what works,
and what not, and ask more Questions.

Our boys were given clues on the process until everybody got their own Channel No 5 diy shampoo.
Daddy ensure the boys do not overdose on the ammonium chloride,
Daddy does not want to suffer hair-loss yet !

Hey, we can even add our own colouring and fragrance!

Kids pour the shampoo from beaker into a little container,
so Mummy can test for us at home ..... yup, we are so good to Mummy :p

Wen Wei and Wen Yi are very proud of their diy shampoo ! Kids have a sense of achievement when they get some results, and learn something along the way.

During our break, Daddy ask boys who is Isaac Newton, and why is he famous? (answer at end of blog)

Little Newton offers a cosy environment, where kids can enjoy themselves during recess.
Our boys turn the little farm upside down ooops.

Different kids learn differently, if you believe Science will motivate and intrigue your kids,
give Little Newton a ring at 6733 6818. You can reach them via :

- website -
- fanpage -

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Little Newton and friendly teachers for inviting us to their shampoo class. Daddy and sons really enjoy ourselves. (Little Newton offer "Tornardo" classes and Science parties too)

(Answer : apple drop on his head and Isaac Newton discover gravity)

More pictures can be found at our Fanpage -->


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