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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Panasonic Lumix GF3 hands on

OMY and Panasonic sent out an invitation for 40 to test out Panasonic's new Lumix GF3 camera. Daddy had always wish to explore how a Micro Four Third (4/3) works, and why it is out-selling DSLR ! Even DSLR experts are using Micro 4/3 as a standby camera. We know manufacturers always tout 4/3 as "same DSLR quality, but lighter body".....

Introducing the world's smallest and lightest body (interchangeable lens system), Daddy's Panasonic Lumix GF3 set was Red hot!!! One word, Chio ! This camera was first announced 13Jun2011, and is not even available in Singapore yet!

Everything can be activated via touch screen. If you wish, you can even snap a picture by pointing on the LED screen, you simply decide your focus-point by touching. Magic !

And it is so compact ! Too bad, Daddy's set did not come with the famous pancake 14mm with F2.5 ! (H-H014 would have taken some awesome portraits and bokeh)
For technical specifications, please scroll down to the links at end of page.

Our teacher is Sze Ping, and he has won numerous accolades. Nice and friendly chap too. Bump into Walter (his Cooler Insight blog) and know a few new friends in the class :)

What did we learn in class?
- fundamentals like Apeture, ISO and Shutter
- how to minimize camera shake, the guideline is 1/focal length (example if your focal length is 100mm, ensure shutter speed is around 1/100)
- you might want to identify your "slowest" handheld shutter speed (be it 1/60, 1/30) before camera shake appears
- beyond the limitations above, a tripod and extra flash will help

We only got 90 min to learn about our new system.The menus, and even the touch screen are all new features for Daddy. In worse case scenario (read clueless), activate IA or IA+ keke. Camera will take over all functions, and we just have to point and shoot.
Be warned, the blue IA led will tell everybody you are a newbie duh keke !

Five colours to tempt you (Daddy loves Red and White)

Panasonic's 4/3 family of lenses. With an adapter, you can fit non-Micro 4/3 lens.Cool !

This "Shine" pass allows us to go right upfront, we are event photographers (sounds better than paparazzi right)

Some test shots with Daddy's new toy

Lumix's workshop was held in conjunction with Shine Youth Festival. Click to read about our Shine experience! Our Lumix test include workshop and "Live" hands on, where we follow the Shine participants and performers from 6 to 8pm.

The kids will be so jealous of Daddy's super hero friends !

Camera perform remarkably well under low light (shutter 1/125s, iso1600)

However, GF3 does not have a horse-shoe for external Flash.

Daddy and another friend posing for Lumix magazine :)

In summary :
Lumix GF3 is a competitive system, an amateur will have no problem picking this camera up and learning the ropes. A DSLR user might have problem, Daddy had to get used to the touch screen mode, and he really misses the knobs and buttons (removed from GF1). But the weight and design of this GF3 is a big plus ! Ladies can easily slip GF3 into their handbags.

Price wise, we heard more details will be available next month. (interestingly GF2 was only released in Singapore this year). One negative aspect might be battery life, the camera went dead after about 400 shots.

More pictures of event night are available here -->

To know more about the camera :

Daddy is a first time micro 4/3 user, and only for 5 hours. So his comments might be heavily influenced by his GF3 (he is a fan!). Daddy's comments would be more objective if he has touch Sony or Olympus Micro Four Third systems before :)



  1. I got my one 2day its amazing camera for nobs like me
    But one thing that annoy me is flash
    no way to use external flash :(

  2. I would believe most 3/4 body does not come with option for external flash :)


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