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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anchorvale Swimming complex - family fun

Mummy and Ah Yi joins us after our Wei and Kang's swimming lesson.
Yi is always so happy in the water.

Video : Daddy managed to film Wei swimming underwater

Video : Look who is pulling Daddy's leg

Everybody looks happy :)


  1. I guess u have a waterproof camera to be able to take these pics?? cool :)

  2. hello Rachel, I got a water-proof bag for $50:)
    Try -->

    If you go diving or snokering, can "capture" the fishes !!

  3. Hi. Nice family photos taken in the water.

    Just curious to know which model of the water-proof bag are you using?

  4. hi, I am using Canon A630 old camera, and the bag is WP-510.


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