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Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Day - play water

It was a tiring weekdays..Daddy was also sickly..
Mummy let us go outside to play with water (Daddy like to say we are animal release from some zoo hee hee)

First time for Yi to join us. He still does not know how Wei/Kang brothers play with the pail, and naturally Yi became Target NO 1. his elder brothers pursue him relentlessly.

No apologies, no hostage. Splash, splash. It took minutes before all are wet.
Very brutal for Yi :(

Video - water play

Video - water havoc

House Tidy - Keep everything

Afternoon nap, then Daddy ask us to house tidy. Daddy always complain to Mummy we only play, never keep. So today, we have to offload everything, wipe the container clean.

Notice this is a Thomas container?Daddy bought it from Yahoo before, and all our cars/trains are kept within. We try to keep our favourite toys higher, so Yi will be discouraged due to height limitations :p

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