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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marina Barrage - rainy day

After our Canon photography session, we toured
Sustainable Singapore Gallery.
Look at all the mineral water bottles.
Are they recycled, yucks?

Video : Quick run, Blue avatar's house?

We sort of rush through the gallery, as the boys were anticipating some splashing fun.
We went to Marina Barrage a few months back, and Daddy came prepared with extra clothing.

Video : The birds, and the pump (crest)

The boys have been to the gallery before, as part of their school excursion.

But their School excursion is Dry. Daddy's excursion is always wet and sweaty :p

Video: Run faster, Daddy is coming

The rain has cooled the arena, and temperature was hovering between 25 or 26 degrees. And the water was quite Chilling keke.
Luckily these two boys were running up and down to warm up !!

There was a mini carnival for World-Water-Day (what is this?)
And some artists were dancing on stage.
We had the whole "pool" to ourselves. Initially it felt wierd, as the other parents are more reserved or paiseh... but very soon, their kiddos join us keke..

Video : Lure of "water+fun" is too much to resist !!


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