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Saturday, February 13, 2010

LTa Gallery - Singapore's transport history

Earlier today, Daddy brought the boys to LTA's LT gallery.
This gallery is a Transport museum, showcasing Singapore's Transport
evolution from the 60s to today.

Boys are naturally excited, they like everything with wheels.

Our guide is Jay, and she patiently walks us through the show pieces.
The boys are more interested in touching the vehicles keke.

Video: MRT is coming

A lot of hidden doors and special effects. Very Impressive !!

Everybody, Pose.

What is Mosquito Bus?

Different colour vehicle plates.

Old BusGuides and trishaw-license!!

Behind the scenes

Engagement through Multimedia

Video : Choose your route

Dissecting a MRT

Video : Movie time

Video : SG Transport roadmap

Video : Building for the future

Video : F1 !!

F1 seats, Kiddos make Transport decision. oh no !!

Video: Playing Transport minister

Video : More cars, more bus, or more Trains? You decide ...

Video : LTA's vision of the Future..

Before we left, we saw this cute and interesting souvenirs

Did you notice boys are all in Green today?

Today, they behave on the train, this is very surprising for Daddy.

Daddy : If you kiddos like the Buses, MRT, LRT, anything with wheels,
LT Gallery is the place to go. They get to learn something new,
through multimedia and interactive displays.
And it is free.

**Updated 01Mar - do visit URA's CityGallery - Urban Redevelopment


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