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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Singapore City gallery - Urban Redevelopment

If your kids like our article on LTa gallery (SG Transport History),
URA's City Gallery is even better!

Just make sure kids keep their hands to themselves, and do not play Godzilla !!

URA gallery showcases urban redevelopment and conservation in cosmopolitan Singapore. We are a small city state, and development means some corners and histories are sacrificed for growth.

At City Gallery, we know how future Singapore will look like,
and how our work, leisure, family will be affected along the way.

Video: Building cannot touch, water cannot play :p

Kids can spot various Landmarks, and even Mrt stations.

"Gardens by the Bay" will be new Marina downtown's feature garden.

Duxton Pinnacle - Singapore's 50th storey public building

Video : slideshow

Did you notice URA Gallery is forested, and resembles an enclosed Garden city?
Greens and water everywhere.

Happy family



How can we forget Playtime?

Happy families

Second modelling site, and we spotted our hometown, Sengkang

Mandai forest reserves..

We head to Second level for more interactive exhibitions.
Madam Asmah is our friendly URA assistant. She patiently tips us
about the "must-see" displays.
Video : Future Transport system (Daddy had to drag kiddos away)

This hall features an interactive session with Gurmit Singh, our funny Host.

We had so much fun and laughter, some visitors join us.

Video : Gurmit Singh Q&A session ..user your Brain !!

Singapore's aspiration to be Global city..
avatars myspace at
Fireworks are nice, Yi agrees.

Video: SkyCam - Superb view of Singapore's Skyline

Wei only say one word, COOL !!

Know our history, eg how we should eat our food :-)

Singapore's location and size pose different constraints for our blueprints architects.

Video : Where is Singapore located?

Singapore's past, and Future
free graphic for myspace
Video: Buildings disected

Video : more exhibits

Old and New buildings co-exist.
Visit these cultural enclaves, before they are re-developed .

Singapore can only grow Up, or Down !!

Aping around for the camera.. you can tell boys are delighted.

Video : Where are you?

Singapore's largest 3D landscape modeling

Kids love it . but where is Mummy's office?
pimp your myspace at
Video : Urban models

Miniature models are so alluring and detail,
right down to every buildings, trees, and cars.

Too bad, Daddy cannot ask boys to pose in the river or lake..out-of-bounds.

At the exit, we saw these Samsui women donning red hats

Daddy: Where is Wen Xin? We drop her in school, and trouble teacher to look after her. Cruel? Nope, she had the whole school to herself :-)

If you wish to know more about Marina downtown, click on URA's multimedia Youtube link -->

Visiting hours and location can be found here --
45 Maxwell Road
The URA Centre
Singapore 069118


  1. i think it'll be a great place for engineer wannabes! =D

  2. thks for Visiting, Ken.
    Kids can play Godzilla first haha

  3. i scared that my class pupils will not put their hands off the things..tomorrow is our learning i am scared that my class wont listen to the instruction including me

  4. hello teacher, kids are unlikely to keep their hands off, but this is natural correct.
    Good luck :p


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