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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Duxton Splendid View, Sunset at Pinnacle

Mummy's colleague invited us to her house for a CNY gathering,
cum house warming.

Wen Xin seems so excited, maybe we are at storey 47?


Video : Windy Kitchen

The boys in Lee Family

Video : Road March

Nice view, good whether, windy, cloudy. Perfect.

Video : Running everywhere

Plenty of open space for kiddos to excercise.

The skypark is not crowded, thus a lot of posing opportunities

We need 30 min to cover Block A to G

Video : Mummy telling Story!!

Look at our hair, it sure is windy!!

There are a lot of resting points along the way.
But boys never got tired.

Views from different corners

Bet you did not know there is a manicure/reflexology corner at 50th storey hehe

History, read about Pearl Apartment (1976)

Video : more running

Sun Setting

Back for dinner, Kiddos entertain themselves

风生水起, let us wish for good auspicious Tiger year ahead

Video : Huat Ah (发)

Stunning night scene

Unparallel views

Video : Paranomic night scene

Daddy : We spent only 30 mins on the 50th SkyPark, but we saw so much things,
and had so much fun. It was not easy to coax the kids down for dinner :p
You get an eagle's view all around. Paranomic.

For more Duxton information, click here.
Like HongKong, Singapore can expect to have more HDB mega skyscrapers.
Global cities Highrise culture
Our own Hdb gallery ( seems interesting)

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