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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racial Harmony day - we got a multi-racial family

Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony day on 21st July.
To educate the kids, and hopefully, let them appreciate our multi-cultural melting pot, Daddy suggested we dress ourselves as Indian, Malay and Chinese :p

The first challenge was deciding who will role-play which race hee hee.
Yi does not has a choice, as he got a hand-me-down Chinese costume from Wei.
So we ask Wei and Kang who want to be Indian or Malay know the rest of the story :p

Indian clothes - $19.90 (from Mustafa)
Malay Baju Kurong - $25 (from Tanjong Katong Complex)
Time taken - a few hours. We had fun shopping at the shopping centres :p
Their smiles : Priceless

Kang is outstanding in his pink Baju.
Wei look mature in his costume. And Yi's exposed tummy is simply adorable haha.
Video - round and round we go, multi-racial family :)
Can you guess who is who? One is Yi, and the other is Wei (photo taken in 2005Feb)

Daddy : It was a fun experience bringing the boys shopping, mix and match.
Mustafa was a maze for the kids to play hide and seek.

Kids in Singapore are very fortunate. And it is easy to take Racial harmony for granted.
Visitors are always amazed at how different religion/races can co-exist under same roof
and how different places of worship, our Mosque, Temples, and Churches are spotted so close to each other.

**updated 2011Jul --> LV Racial Harmonby day, Girl in Indian costume

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