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Sunday, February 19, 2012

We saw the Dog Whisperer today

..actually Mummy found Dog Whisperer's poster. Cesar is like our best friend's version of Super Nanny.
He talks to dogs :)

We had earlier blog about this weekend's National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop. The rain did not stop dog lovers from gathering.

The ground is muddy, the drizzle came and go, but that did not stop the crowd (humans and dogs) from mingling at East Coast Park (behind carpark D1).

Kids help themselves, and pat so many doggies. (they avoid any dogs bigger than themselves keke).
Actually, all the dogs were very well mannered.

Cute Maltese, but behind every cute dog, tells a story of abandonment :(
Today's event was meant to encourage dog adoption, and prevent dog abuse.

Wei Ting and Alvin brought their beloved Kushi along, come let us sayang you :)

For non pet owners, it was quiet an eye opener. When Wen Yi mention dog was wearing diaper,
we thought he was joking haha!

Groom and treat your best friend. The cup cake looks tasty enough for human consumption keke.

Look who we found ? Ms Lin, Yi's former teacher. Her friend was so kind to loan us a dog to walk around. Kids were over the moon with excitement.

Yi is quite an expert at letting the dog lead him, or should it be the other way round haha?

Doting big brother, we can see kids' loving nature when they are handling pets.

If your kids love animals, bring them to East Coast Park on Sunday for an unforgettable experience.
As we do not own any pets, our younger kids get startled easily (maybe intimidated) by the bigger dogs.

Video : How does Cesar read dogs' mind ?

More doggy tales can be found at Sengkang Babies album :)
More updates about Nat Geo Free Pet Shop can be found at their fanpage.

We would like to thanks Genevieve and team for informing us about this event. Although we did not adopt any dog, our family had a fun outing today.


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