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Monday, February 13, 2012

Greenwich V - Bloggers' challenge

Last Sat, SengkangBabies went to Seletar Hill's new shopping mall, Greenwich V.
Omy, together with Far East team had organised an Amazing-Race.

Fifteen bloggers in three teams, "Urban, Village and Lifestyle" will roam the new lifestyle hub,
cover 10 shops each, complete some tasks, and stuff ourselves silly !

All these sounds easy, until you take our kids into account, we have a Bigger team. You see,
Lifestyle team consist mostly of parent bloggers Klessis, Sandra, Phoebe and Paul.

So, we gather at Empire State for the briefing and late lunch. Nobody is listening to Alvin and team when we saw the BURGER haha !! Can you blame us? the burger is HUGH and tasty!

Mushroom or Terriyaki Chicken pizza, both are Nice :)

Hold on, we have not even started Amazing Race yet, how many more dishes
are we going to consume along the way! Bloggers look at each other, and loosen our belt (gulp!!).

More to come...

At 3pm, waiting for Flag off, after our full meal at Empire.

Jesslyn is our assigned Game Master. She will provide hints for the next task, and the team will have to make an intelligent guess.

The ten clues for today.

#01 - Yogurt at BerryLite Yeah! Everybody loves it, and nobody notice Daddy Andy cannot take sour Yogurt :p

Really love our Red theme, Lifestyle = Lively!

#02 - Carrot Walnut cake at Cedele, love it ! Ms Cheng took her time to recommend Cedele's best dishes, and we were not disappointed.

Do try out their Valentine concoction (Iced Choc Rose, and Lovely Berry MilkShake). Cedele is daddy's favourite outlet for today's challenge :)

Some of you might be wondering, how come our team always finish our tasks first? Daddy is not counting the number of members in our team, but **hint hint

The kids sure can eat a lot !

At every F&B outlet, we just order the kids to charge Front Line and attack. Kids prove useful too, when adults are penalised for wrong answers !

Thank you Gladys, your star jump is perfect, kids really make our day a Fun one !

#03 - Gong Cha (贡茶), this is Singapore's 40th outlet. Wow, Singaporeans are thirsty for more Gong Cha !

#04 and #05 -Daddy will share more goodness about Toast Box and Home-Fix in a separate post.

#06 - Waffles at Prima Deli. We always have spare room for chocolate waffles. Did you know Prima Deli is also Singapore's longest running food franchise?

#07 - Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf, we need a recharge. We know the cheese cakes are superb, but ...
Coffee and tea will do.

#08 - The most value-for-money proposition of the day came from Phoenix Medical. Our team consist of (Leader, TimeKeeper, Photographer, and Caption Writer), the toughest job must be TimeKeeper aka Paul.

At every outlet, Paul has to ensure we finish our task on time. Now, you can imagine how challenging it is to drag the kids away from their favorite pastries, fries, hotdogs or yogurt! So we unanimously arrow recommended Paul for some rewarding facial scrub.

Actually, Paul like facial, but he was quite uncomfortable when Mummies and Daddies start snapping away like paparazzi.

His face is so radiant after the wash :p
(we notice all three teams sent the guys in for wash, wonder why?)

If kids get sick of munching, there are always magic-show and story-telling to entertain them. They love the dragon tattoos. The fountain at the center seems to be popular with kids, with or without swimming attire.

#09 - Paradise Inn serves great Chinese cuisine. Unfortunately she is our 9th stop, and our stomach is 90% filled ! We heard their double boil soups are very famous.

Fortunately, we did not start with Paradise Inn, otherwise we will be so full, and will have trouble completing the other F&B challenges !

#10 - Klessis interviewing Elly, Soulwork's most popular stylist. Soulworks is 4-in-1 outlet, for your Hair, Nail, Face and Body pampering.

After 2.5 hours, and 10 outlets, who will be the winner? Daddy just knew our group is exhausted, climbing up and down with kids in tow is no joke !

Guess Village (green) or Urban (black) team won? Click on link for result and photos.

Team Lifestyle receiving our 2nd prize award, some member have already gone off, as kids are too tired :)

Congrats, we received a $200 voucher for our effort, courtesy of GreenWich hub.

Yi : Daddy, can I STOP eating already? (this is his honest feedback keke..)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
You can gather more info about Greenwich at their website

Credit. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Far East and Omy for this fun event, and the F&B outlets for hosting us and prizes. Photo credit to OMY and Phoebe (BPDG).

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Daddy's personal thoughts...
- maybe we can cover five instead of ten outlets. Everyone will be able to savour the gourmet and services more passionately, yielding more quality and comprehensive reviews.

- Daddy actually felt like letting the F&B outlets down, when we cannot finish some of the food (food is good, but we were too full)

- More importantly, we will have more time to interact with our blogger friends :)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

.. our Supper, courtesy from Chinta Manis.

Take a look at Team Lifestyles' contributions :)

If you are still hungry after above photos, do pop by Sengkang Babies fanpage !



  1. Hello there! Chanced upon your blog today and wish I had discovered it sooner. I'm a Singaporean mum currently staying in Sweden but will be back to sunny island for good this year. And guess where's my house? Sengkang! Haha. It's great to read bout your family adventures and all the recommendations on places to visit in Singapore. Keep up the great work!


  2. when my teammates saw all the kids they were like, "good they have the kids to help eat all the food".. but I told them it will be no easy task taking so many kids around! haha.. good job on all you mummies and daddies :)

    we sent William to do the face wash as us girls didn't want to ruin our make-up ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Looks like you guys had a ball of a time! It was an excellent opportunity for a family outing as well!

    And thanks for dropping by!

    - Phoenix Medical Group

  4. @Summer - Welcome back to Singapore's summer (365 days haha). I envy your expatriate experience, especially when your loved ones can travel and experience everything together. Such a wonderful stint!
    Glad you love our adventures, I get a lot of inspirations from other parents too. Blogging is sharing :)
    Who knows, we might meet in blogger events soon, cheers, andy

  5. @Ai - frankly speaking, I might hesitate to bring kids on Amazing Race, after this round. It is fun, no doubt, but terribly exhausting ! haha.
    Poor William wahaha (at least, we were honest with our Paul)

    @Phoenix - cheers Doctors, We have an enjoyable day :)


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