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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Domino Pizza

A few bloggers were invited to taste Domino Pizza's new "Double Loaded Chicken" pizzas.
(Double dosage of grilled chicken breasts)

Linda, Domino's marketing manager, demonstrated online Pizza ordering process. Domino guarantees that your pizza will arrive in 30min, or the next one will be free.

When the Pizza arrive, click click flash flash. Yes, we are also food bloggers haha.

The Big BBQ

In between pizza slices, we feast on finger food.

Staff are happy at Domino's, happy staff means high morale and pride, likely leading to quality food. We are just curious why most staff still remain slim ?

Enough photos, which pizza shall we attack first?

Chicken temptation, this fellow is spicy hot and delicious ! The thin crust was crunchy too.

After a while, we lost count of the variety of pizzas.

Meatzza, for carnivorous meat lovers !

For the full range of pizza, click on Domino's website.

Insiders will recommend those pizzas mark as "Top Secret sauce" !

We save the Best for last, and it is not even a Pizza haha. Dessert is yummy Chocolate Lava cake.
When the Lava flows, it taste heavenly ! (a must for all choc lovers)

Fellow bloggers and new found friends. Someone really can eat and she puts us guys to shame haha. Check out the following blogs, Cat and Domo, Alex, Melissa and Rudy.

He or she who loves to eat and enjoy their food, knows how to enjoys life.
Tonight, we are pampered by Domino Pizza and Omy.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
For a limited time only until March 2012, Domino’s Pizza is offering their savoury Double Loaded Meal at only $39.80 (Save $18.40), which includes 1 Regular Chicken Pizza with Double Loaded Chicken*, 1 Regular Pizza of your choice, 1 Chocolate Lava Cake, and 1 BreadStix or 1 Twisty Bread (6 pcs) or 1 CinnaStix.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Have you decided to feast on Pizza already, call 6222 6333 now!
For more pizza slices, do drop by Sengkang Babies Fanpage.



  1. Hello! Just realized that you are the blogger of sengkangbabies! Saw you at Domino's and you were at the other end of the table, so didn't get to interact! I recognize you now haha. See ya ard next time, will surely say hi!

  2. hello Zaza, your username will be hard to forget haha :)


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