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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daiso cute Kids and Uncle with shades

Our little mafia !

Despicable me?

$2 spec makes Xin so cute. (disclaimer, wearing specs is not cool ok, fight myopia)

Tony Tan's big black rim ?

Mummy and her big sunflower shades

You know about those auto-cleaner-robots? Daddy believe our kids can mop our house, and get fitter at the same time keke :)

Click to have a laugh, our funny antics @ Daiso Part 1.



  1. haha thanks Isaiah :)
    When u go Daiso, please do not tell them Sengkangbabies recommended wahaha

  2. Ya, I like Daiso too, many items can be purchased at just $2! I especially like the DIY materials where I can make use of it to let my kid have fun!

  3. yes Winny, I think a lot of mummies support arts/craft item at Daiso :)

  4. woo~ you remember my name, paiseh paiseh.....


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