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Friday, October 8, 2010

Singapore Botanic Gardens - Children's Day outing

Last Friday was Children's day. Mummy and Daddy brought the kids to Botanic gardens.

The usual haunt - Swan Lake.

Maybe school holiday (for some), everybody seem to choose Botanic Gardens for their picnic spot today? We saw at least two groups of school children

Something splashed in the pond, and kids got creative...
(maybe they are watching too much animal planets?)

BUBBLES time!! some blow, some catch. Tons of FUN to play and watch !!

Waterfall? Not such a bad idea to cool down. Weather was hot hot hot!!

We thought the Swan were graceful, but Yi had other thoughts ?
Read his mind...

Botanic Gardens is too big too explore under one day, and we can be proud of Singapore's gardens. Kids will have a field day exploring the flora and fauna.
(just leave the swans alone)



  1. Parks in Singapore are truly beautiful and world class! Here are some more shots of Singapore Botanical Garden at Hope you can drop by!

  2. thanks for visiting Marlowe, do ring us when there are promotions at your portal :)


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