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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

In July 2011, KTMB (owned by Malayan Railway) Tanjong Pagar Railway station will cease operation, and trains will be shifted to Woodlands. Last Sun, we brought our kids to visit this old dame.

Thanks to Xinyun jie jie, we got some ideas on what to do with trains and destinations.

Although Station is spartan, kids got to see the railway track and old monuments and even canteens. Too bad, we did not spot any locomotives :)

This railway station (丹戎巴葛火车总站) was built 1932, and Daddy has not board the KTMB train before.

Ice cream break, it is a warm day..

Exterior of building.. colonial style.
(carpark is $6 per entry, but if you stay more than 6 hours $10)

There is a facebook page (Turn Tanjong Pagar Station into a Museum) petitioning to turn Railway station into a museum. Singapore has enough shopping centers :p

Video : Railway station Interior

Now when kids ask Daddy why this train is different from MRT, Daddy mention MRT no "smoke" keke.

* more historical facts here -->
Click to read our fun Railway trip to Johor !

**updated 29Jun2011 - we walk along Upper Bukit Timah Railway

**updated 2011Jan - Do you have any railway experience to share?
Support "Green Corridor" group, as they are proposing that we preserve the railway tracks for eco purposes (no more condominiums !)

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