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Sunday, August 15, 2010

We trekked to Singapore Quarry..accidentally

Daddy told us we are going to catch some locomotives
along Upper Bukit Timah.

He had read an interesting post from Mummy Rachel (Fourty Winks)
So we drove up to RailMall, cross some open grounds.

Somehow, we got lost, even trekking along mountain-bike tracks !!

Daddy gave up after 20min, it was too tough to bring our MaClaren stroller cross-country. Poor Wen Yi kept tripping over the uneven road keke (small legs).

We went further up the "trail", and hit the Quarry. (Dairy Farm)
Our new playground offers a lot of running ground.

The quarry cliffs, together with the pond was picture perfect.

Video : Scenic


We spent the afternoon watching fish, turtle. The Sun did not provide
any respite for us !! It was so so HOT.

Water parade. We were sweating buckets !!

Daddy love this sibling portrait, together with our cover picture (top of page).
Boys can be so loving at times.

Playing with ShutterSpeed and Macro.

We pass by above stream on the way back.
The boys instinctly collect pebbles ammunition.

Throw 1, 2, 3... they upgrade from pebbles to rocks !!

We are ready to go home, but Daddy need to force everybody to drop their stones.
Then he lay on the floor to snap us :p
(we were bewildered at what Daddy is doing and kept smiling for him)

On the way down the slope, more mountain bikes pass us.
They can go really Fast !

Daddy promised the boys he will first check out the train-route, before bringing the boys down again. Would you agree the quarry was a nice diversion for us :)

-Dairy Farm - visit to search for location



  1. hey andy, there is a train track right behind Standard Chartered bank...diagonally across rail mall.

    u can either walk up the small slope along the road, cutting through undergrowth to get to the track...cos there is no proper path...or drive into Hillview Ave...towards side entrance of Mindef HQ. There is a foot path between the entrance and a condo (i think in pink) which will lead u all the way right next to the train track...this part of the track is not inside dairy farm road.

    I mentioned a little about it here ( make me miss staying in the west !

    Have fun!

  2. thanks Rachel ! This roadmap would be most helpful haha. I already got a copy of the KTM schedule, so definitely can spot the Thomas and James :)

  3. It's Singapore Quarry, not Dairy Farm Quarry.


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