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Friday, August 13, 2010

FastTrack Kids @ Genius Learning Hub

Last Sat, Wen Kang (5yrs) and Wen Yi (3yrs) got invited for a preview session at FasTrackKids. Actually this programme is more suitable for Kang, and Yi should go for LittleNeuro.
(where young kiddos join their parents for brain-stimulation and motor-skills development)

What is FasTrackKids, and will my kids graduate as little Genius?
Please click GeniusLearningHub website for details :)

We joined our new friends in the class. Both Kang and Yi had fun dragging the "shapes and items" on the whiteboard !

FasTrackKids programme use latest technology to present
a multimedia "sensory" experience.

Q: What can Sofa and cardboards do for kids? We let our Imaginations runs wild, to come up with stories !

Left to their own devices, and with a little nudge, children were soon experimenting with new props, and "adding" to the story lines .

Everybody grab something from a "treasure chest". Kids were then encouraged to narrate a story about their handpicked item.
You see torchlights, balloons, and wild imaginations surface :)
(this is FUN!!)

Wen Yi liked Tea break, as he can snack on biscuits.

Teacher Rowena and Ashika kept encouraging kids to speak up, and Express themselves. Daddy find it motivational for kids, to learn through FUN.

Now, what can we do with tube-cleaners?
A mask? a gun? a pencil? It is anything you want it to be.

..but Wen Yi has his own definition of FUN.

In summary, Daddy feels that children will cultivate a habit of speaking up, and the various activities can stimulate kids to think out of the box, and "develop" ingenious solutions and concepts :)

When kids are learning through FUN, kids would be motivated to explore further and ask more questions! Wen Kang enjoyed himself tremendously, and we can see how focused he was during class.

Video : View a Fastrack Video presentation (from USA)

For more class details, please contact GeniusLearningHub at:
DID : 6255 7790 (Slyvia)
Url :

*we would like to take this opportunity to thanks
teachers and staff of GeniusLearning Hub for hosting us :)

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