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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lens(i) - So you want to take nice baby Portraits and Bokehs?

**photos which make Daddy dream, and drool !!

~~~ ~~~
#1 Are you planning to go to the Alps?
Baby Marcus and 哥哥Malcolm advertising for Mummy Rachel from http://4malmal.com/

#2 Siblings rivalry, can you feel Roy and Rae's chemistry.
Breathtaking shots of jumping kids from Mummy Kole @ http://raefootprints.blogspot.com/

#3 Kai En : Brownie is Nice, you want some?
Cute girl, nice brownie, sweet expression :)
Moment captured by Kai En's Auntie Bing from

#4 Drooling. This pair of sibling are Gorgeous.
Tru and Kristen belongs to Mummy Daphne from

All the pictures above have
something in common.
- they tell a story
- all kids are sweet, and brings you warmth (can we pinch?)
- portraits are taken with 50mm Prime lens
- photographers are all Mummies (read : url Daddies are rare)

- and these Mummies are the reason why Daddy took the plunge with a DSLR !
(read our article on DSLR selection)

~~~ ~~~
Daddy approached our wonderful blogger mummies to ask for tips on Prime lens, their photography insights, and their journeys and motivation into Portraits.
Hey, Daddy even beg for some nice photos keke.

Their input helps Daddy to fine tune his requirements, and set his own expectations.
More lingos and jargons are tossed around, Daddy need to read more :)

~~~ ~~~
In part (ii) of our lens story, Daddy will try to blog about the technical challenges of finding the right lens. We will try to share our newbie experience.

..the joy of photography, so much Fun.

Lens story
part i - our motivation and intro
part ii - requirements and research
part iii - our new Prime lens

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