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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wei on TV 8 - Learning Vision Cecil OK

As part of Singapore OK campaign, Ms Yu Foo Yee and entourage was at Wei's school this morning to kick off pre-school's kiddies' hygiene awareness.

Daddy and Mummy are both surprised and proud that Wei is appointed Hygiene Ambassador.

Wow, Wei going to bring Ms Yu to tour toilet, and give lecture on hygiene best practises.
Wei and Desiree going through their Toilet to-do checklist.

They are Very dedicated and professional :p

Teacher Ling show Daddy 晚报 with an article on Learning Vision Cecil. Our neighbours also pop by when they saw me on TV hee hee.

奶奶 rushed out to buy a copy of the newspaper :)

Straits Time article : Wei and Jolyn

"Today" article

Daddy : we reach home in time to catch Wei's cameo on TV, during 1830 "News on 8".
Wei look photogenic, and was cool as cucumber during interview. Steady !!

Video : Singapore OK, and LV Cecil OK

It is almost comical to see Wei and Desiree walking around "inspecting" the facilities. They are really proud to represent their school and peers.

" 看小朋友有没有洗洗手"
More information on Singapore Campaign here -->

Learning Vision portal -->

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