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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Newater - A,B,C for Kids

Daddy has made an appointment for 0900, where our Newater guide, Mr Herbert, will bring us to tour the Newater facility. We arrived at 0835, and had time to wander around first.

We have to be careful with Yi, when there are water-bodies.

Wei and Kang examing the Koi again.
Yi : Do not leave me alone !!

Water fountain was activated.

As we are early, Daddy gave us chocolate bread. Breakfast in bushland.

Meanwhile Yi was marvelling the "Stars".

Punching the buttons.. will light up the relevent building "map/facilities"

More buttons to push.. stress test hee hee

Wei and Kang trying to push the water molecule (a silver ball) into the water-catchment area.

Quiz time.

They like this raft, as Wei can be boatman, and steer the boat left/right :)
Yi might believe this is one of those 20cent carousel.

Press the button for step by step explanation of water process.
##Unspoken rule for kids : Poke, punch all the buttons you can see##

Highlight of the day, for most kids.

We could walk on water, and be amazed and the rainbow lumination.

Tired? Why not laze around? Normally visitors will not get to linger around this area, but since we are first group, we got "extra" time at this exhibit segment.

Sastify customers. Our guide, Mr Herbert, took this photo for us.

This cascading waterfall is a deco-feature, not part of Newater exhibit, but the boys still manage to splash some water !! Splash splash ...

Mee Suah..are you hungry for noodles? Boys walking through the membrane.

As his brothers went to toilet, Yi quickly packup the water-sovenirs.
He was juggling with the bottles with his small hands, very comical.

Sai water (literally sewage), is now purified and portable. And we are not scared to drink the water :) Cheers, Yum Seng.

Video : Koi pond

Video : colourful water

Video : motorBoat

Video : Block Lorry and building game

Video :you need a juggler?

Daddy: I hope the kids know more about Singapore's 4 National Taps, and how to conserve water :)

ABC for Singapore/Pub--> Active, Beautiful, Clean
This programe aims to bring citizens to enjoy their waterways, sports, and to keep the environment clean.
More information here -->

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