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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jurong Bird Park - World Blood Donor Day

13Jun is World Blood Donor day, and Red Cross has organised a get together at Jurong Bird Park.

Thanks to Daddy donor, we can visit the birds for free :p1
We woke up early, and it was RAINING :(

Nevertheless, we reach Bird Park at 0840, and there was already a long queue.
What did the boys saw? Crocodile? or Snake? Kang looks scared.
Waterfall is a must go.
Flamingo Lagoon

looking at the swarms of flamingo . Normally he can only see these magnificent birds in Animal Planet

We stroll casually along the footpath , and there seems to be endless Trams (kids prefer to call them LRT)

We got Mandarin ducks, swan, pelicans, parrots etc. We like the Swan as they look loving, always side by side.

Maybe Yi can jump onto one of them and get a free kiddy ride?
Daddy fighting for morsel with a big pelican. Picture taken by Wei.

Modelling in front of Pelican island.

Wei and Kang demonstrating the wingspan of a pelican, 3m !! Impressive.

We always like this fish tank, and the giant occupants.

Initially, Yi was apprehensive. But after he warm up, he was following his kor kor to chase the fishes.

knocking on the glass pane.

is most happy when Daddy let him come down from stroller, as he can start running around.

Finally, we can hear waterfall splashing faintly in the background..

Kang pointed out the "neh-neh-pok" heehee.
But when Daddy ask Kang to pose for picture with his model, he was scared.
Let's pose.

Can you feel the water droplets from the falling stream? It is cooling, and the kids do not mind getting a bit wet :)
Sometimes, Daddy wonder whether we are here at Birdpark to see birds, or fish !!
Wei and Kang were scrutinising the ponds and lakes for signs of fish and guppies.

Yi can only gesture oooh--aarh--eh, trying to join in the fun.
Wei helping Daddy to capture a moment with the natives.

Who got 20cents? Where is our driver?
We were tired after walking for almost 2 hours.

Daddy look at map, and identify next restpoint for our breakfast.

Let's go. Hooray, we are hungry.
We reach Parrot corner.
Kang and Wei enjoying their "Char Siew Bao".

Daddy ask us who is Parrot ?Wei was asking where is the rooster?
We got complimentary sandwiches from RedCross .. yum yum.

Yi salvaging for more food after his Bao. Greedy boy.

Beautiful yellow/red parrots. Forgot the name

When it drizzles, everybody put on their cap, and marches on. Daddy tell us next time when we go soldiers, also no umbrella :P

We gave "Splash and Slide" a miss. No swimming trunks. Besides Daddy will struggle to catch up with the kids in the pool.. We will visit the "Splash", and "bouncing-castle" again when Mummy joins us.

As the rain got bigger, we took shelter for the second time. The rain was playing hide and seek with us every 15minutes.

But once the rain become smaller, the Sunshine comes out from Wei and Kang.
Happily posing..and having a good laugh.

Kang cuddle the baby Penguin. We were a bit disappointed that we could not catch them happy-feet upfront.

Boys playing with the mist.

Bye bye..and the boys know it is time to go home sweet home.
Wei and Kang wants Daddy to donate more Blood, so we can go for more sightseeing haha.

Video : FishTank

Video : Hard work pushing the stroller
Add Image
Video : Kidding around at waterfall

Video : How does a bird fly?

Daddy : Busy morning, not to mention the unpredictable weather. Good fun, got tongue "twisted" trying to read out the bird names. Too bad we miss Penguin exhibit, as the enclosure was too crowded. It is almost two years since we last went to Bird park, and this is Yi's first trip.

This is first excursion where Yi did not fall asleep. But once I drove off, all three boys went to dream land :)

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