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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sentosa Boardwalk and Crane Dance - latest attractions on the island

These are the latest attraction on Asia's southern tip, Sentosa Island.
Sentosa Boardwalk, connecting HarbourFront to Sentosa. It should be fun to try another approach to Sentosa.

## Sentosa Boardwalk will be officially opened on 29th Jan 2011

... and Crane Dance. This ten-storeys metal birds spray water, and lasers ! Should be a sight to behold ! (Sentosa call them Animatronics cranes)

## Every evening 9 pm

What about HollyWood after Hours? It is available to public for $5 after 7pm on Fri and Sat.

But not long-long-ago, we only visit Sentosa for the beach and flowers. Back then, Wen Wei was the only child ...

A few months later, Wen Kang joins him.. the boys got each other for company @ Siloso.

Company Function, and we ride the Luge. Fun and exhilaration.

Sentosa has really changed a lot. Yes, some will say it is a man-made island, but it is one lively hub for Family Fun and entertainment. We should try some of the latest events soon.

If you like playgrounds, watch out for Sengkangbabies'
#Project Playground
. Project 1 will be up by this evening.

Credits : Above Sentosa images are taken from and


  1. Yes. I remember Sentosa fondly when it has its monorail. We even camp in tents there before and also yeah...I miss the water fountain.

    And..Yay! We finally watched the metal cranes in courtship "live" a few hours ago after my third try to avoid the rain:) Worth arriving early to get a good seat.

  2. Yes Monorail, and Cable Cars used to be cheaper too :p (yup, I read your Crane blog)


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