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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Serangoon Swing, Sengkang Pop, or Punggol Pong ! Fireworks are HOT, we got 600 hits!

We blog about how Singaporeans were passionate about Fireworks during last year's NDP. Apparently, on New Year's eve, 600 netizens came over from the "Yahoos", the "Googles" and the "Bings".
Everyone wanted to know about Firework locations, the best spots, and a substantial visitors were actually searching for "Fireworks + Sengkang", and we thought MarinaBay is the ultimate happening venue.

Maybe more young families are staying around their neighbourhood, to avoid city's congestion, or kids have problem keeping awake for Fireworks at midnight :)

Go ahead, blog about Firecrackers in Feb, and investigate whether more visitors will pop up keke.

** 2012 Countdown in Sengkang and Punggol :)



  1. congrats! happy belated new year 2011 to you and family!

  2. thanks Papa, Happy belated New Year to u and family too :)


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