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Monday, January 24, 2011

Token of appreciation from Zoo - WRS

Our kids love Singapore Zoo, and Daddy's employer got a Zoo pass :)
We got a pleasant surprise when WildlifeReservesSingapore decided to pack us a festive box!

It was so thoughtful to bundle set-of-fours, so our kids will not fight haha.

(WRS is the organisation running our Zoo, Birdpark and NightSafari, and upcoming RiverSafari)

So many activities all year round, have you subscribed?
Newsletter--> http://www.wrs.com.sg/subscribe/
Facebook --> http://www.facebook.com/wrs.sg
Do pop by our Birdpark and Zoo entries --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2010/04/header-places-of-interest.html

Thank you Natt (WRS) and Cheryl (ICON), you can expect to see us running in your parks soon :)


  1. orang utan! haha the kids muzbe wondering what animal is this and what about that.. cute! no pics?

  2. hello Casley, do not underestimate my kids ok, sometimes they can mention animal-names which I have not heard of before :p

  3. Wahh..the orang utans are soo cute>< yeah must have 4 if not children will fight one lol

  4. Wahhh, the orang utans are soo cute, I like them !! =D

  5. just curious, why all gals love Orang Utans?


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