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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family portrait, with Daddy (finally)

You know, Daddy is always the camera man. The guy behind the photos, the guy who rarely appears in the photo :(

It was embarrassing when friends or even event organisers ask for a "Family" photo.
The best photos got everybody, except Daddy. Aiyoh !

Ok, so no more excuse for not lugging that tripod out anymore.
Whether you like it or not, you will see Daddy Andy in more photos with his babies.

Like our Green kids? They are dressed just like our Blog theme.
And the Family portrait does looks complete, when the man himself, is in IT !


  1. beautiful not easy to get a family shot like this..and I am so tempted to get professional help :)

  2. yo Rachel, we took only 10 min to get these shots. It helps that everybody was in good mood.
    Try it first, simple tripod + timer (+ flash even better). cheers.

  3. I also have very few full family photos. Also dun have a tripod. Maybe it will be my excuse to get one. hehe.

  4. haha, maybe we get tripod together? I am still using the cheepo--flimsy-freebie 3 legs haha.(need to upgrade within 3 months)

  5. is also time that we take out our tripod and start shooting our family shots:)

    I just realise that we have few complete family photos.


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