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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Stadium, going, going, gone :(

This bridge brought back memories. We use it to attend events at National Stadium back in the 80s and 90s. The track, the floodlights, the Grandstands !! All are memories.

Even King of Pop graced our stadium before !

How can we forget Kallang Roar, chants of "referee kayu" when team Singapore play Malaysia :p Have you experience the Wave ? Unforgettable !

Today, we see cranes. Yes, our National monument is being ripped apart.
As we drive to/fro to work daily along Nicoll Highway, we can literally see the stadium disintegrate slab by slab, day by day :(

Deconstruction is going on day and night. The walls have been removed, exposing the interiors. From certain angle, you can even see Flyer and MBS SkyPark !

Even when the four pillars of Floodlights are being dismantled,
Daddy noticed the Clock is still accurate!

Kallang Basin's skyline has been transformed. Indoor stadium will feel lonely.
New Stadium MRT station is a contrast to old National Stadium (of new and old).

Video : Kallang Basin, when will we catch Fireworks from here again?

Can another Stadium really live up to National Stadium's glory day?
Daddy still fondly remember "curry-puff, hotdog, coca cola" as the peddlers sell their tidbits !

Singing our National anthem and Mahjulah at this venue,
you always feel emotionally charged.

Stadium demolition will be completed by 2011Mar. When you next drive along Nicoll, say bye bye to our old friend ! You will be missed. Ole Ole Ole ole!!!

Video : Driving long Nicoll

旧的不去, 新的不来. Come 2014, our new Sports Hub will usher in
Singapore's new Sports era.

Firework and Parade Contigent-wide -->
http://supermerlion.com/national-day-singapore/ (firework credit to Dan Walsh )

Kallang Wave and Billboard from user "qwerty" --> http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=256710


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