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Monday, November 8, 2010

Clean and Green Singapore (C&G) - Love our environment

Clean And Green Singapore (C&G) organized a carnival at Sengkang over the weekend. Yi and Xin were so eager, they jumped into the kayak.

Quoted from C&G website :
Clean & Green Singapore aims to inspire Singaporeans to care for and protect our living environment by Adopting an Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle.
Each of us can make a conscious decision and effort to make green practices an integral part of our daily lives

Interesting landscapes and even artistic dustbins captured kids' attention, and curiosity. Daddy reinforce why it is important to love our environment.

The next tme we take a Bus, Mrt, LRT, we know our public transport system is trying to cut down on carbon monoxide.

nPark is trying to mould Singapore into a "City in a garden".

We are happpy to know more parks are being planned.

As city folks, we do not get to see padi fields in Singapore. But we can certainly harvest greens from hydroponics.

Each mascot represents an ideology to make our environment clean and green!

31W for fan, 1000w for aircon!!
Ok, everybody head to shopping center to cool down :p

What do we learn after this trip?
- conservation ,recycle, sustainability, Greens..

Big words, but it is never too young to for kids to
learn how to take care of their environment.

Video : Let's make our World the most beautiful home

Video credit from http://www.cgs.sg/


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