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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Redang Day 4 - Home

Today is the last day of our stay in Redang.
Although it is 4D3N, but flight time is 1020, so there is not much we could do in the morning.

Group photo, Lee and Tan families, with 6 kids in tow.. We survived :)
Mummy's hands are full. And Daddy carries all the luggage !!
Video : last Buggy ride

Breakfast by the pool
While waiting for our bus, the kids model for us again.
Their favourite ride on the island..
Our flight is 1020 from Redang back to Seletar.
Before taking off, everybody still cheerful. Although they enjoy Redang, kids still miss their home and toys :p

Video : Take off #01

After less than 20mins, we are told Seletar airport is closed for military excercise!! Apparently, this is a last min announcement from Seletar authorities. Our plane was redirected to Kuala Trengganu airport.

Video : kids providing inflight entertainment

Our plane parked for almost 30min, before we got all Clear to take off again. We were worried whether we need to transfer flight to KLIA or Johor Senai?
#$@ please do not pack us into another 8 hours Coach ride !!@@s@

Video: View of SLE, TPE, before touchdown

Daddy : Over the last few days, the kids have become Good buddies already :)
Afterall, we run,swim,sweat,play together, and enjoy each other's company.

Isaac and Wei, Kang are now expert telephone operators. The kiddos were holding teleconferences with each other, once they master room-intercall :)

No complains about our trip, as it is enriching and challenging our parenting skills at the same time. Some might say this is no "relaxing" holiday, but we find it very fullfilling.
(As long as the kids are happy !!)

With kids, you need minimum 4d3n stay.
Paradise is now only 90 min away, hurray !!

The only hiccup we face is the Seletar Airport closure.
We did not pack extra milk powder and diapers !!
Luckily all went well, and our trip end on a High.

We had so much fun kids are asking when they can fly again?
Next stop, Koh Samui ? ?

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