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Friday, October 23, 2009

Raising a child, only a parent will know..

This topic aims to discuss Mummy and Daddy's sacrifices ...
老王卖瓜,自卖自夸 :)

Children, do you know your birthday is also 母亲受难日(literally Mummy's day of suffering) ?
We are here today, because Mummy laboured to bring us to life.
Mummy's life hangs on the balance, but her maternal instinct persevere to ensure you come into our world.

Mum is always there for us through our growing years.

Mum provides a listening ear to hear our emotional needs.
Her words sooth and provide encouragement for us.
Her heart is Big, and her love is unconditional.
She forgives us when we err.
We are always Babies in our Mum's eyes.

Child, when you are blowing your birthday cake candles, take a second, remember Mummy. Salute to all our amazing Mummies, for your sacrifices are unparalleled.

Picture taken from http://www.clipartguide.com

Even though Daddy cannot give birth, or breastfeed, he gave moral support standing by Mummy during childbirth.
(disclaimer : please avoid if you are afraid of blood !! and Yes, big Man can cry too. )

Daddy is our Fun ambassador, and he wants us to express ourselves, and enjoy our childhood with plays, and adventures.

Daddy is also discipline master at home!! He is more traditional and subscribes to maxim "spare the rod, and spoil the child". Oops.

Forward to year 2020.
Wei is 17 years old, and will be enlisting for National Service soon.
Mummy and Daddy, are now Ah Soh, and Ah Pek status.

Other fancy tools will replace Twitter and Facebook.
Kids will find blogging so lame, and their parents so obiang and passe :p

But we as parents, will still wish our kids to grow up healthy, responsible, and be independent. Only when we ourselves become parents, do we appreciate the hardship and sacrifices faced by our own parents.

ps.. let Daddy survive the kids' teenage (rebellious) years first !!

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